Family Time Is The Best Time

While for most of the year your family may go their separate ways, the holidays are usually centered in one space: the great room. It’s likely where your Christmas tree lives for the month of December, where children and pets stretch out in front of the fireplace and where cold winter nights turn into family movie or game nights.
If you have extended family and friends visiting for the holidays, now is the time to update this gathering space for maximum comfort and joy during the most wonderful time of the year.
Design for Comfort
The most attractive couches aren’t always the most comfortable, but the great room is one area where sometimes it’s better to sacrifice style for comfort. However, couches made for lounging don’t always have to be ugly, either. Choose neutral colors, with the potential for coffee or hot chocolate stains in mind, and pillows for decorative elements. Make sure there is a space for everyone, so no family members have to fight over who gets the last cushion.
Create Separation
If you have an open kitchen, and your great room serves multiple purposes, it can begin to feel cluttered or messy. Create separation in an open room by using different decorative color schemes for different areas, rugs and even the furniture you already have.
Let the Light In
Without a lot of light, the great room can easily become a place no one wants to hang out, instead of being “the place to be.” Allowing light into the space with big windows, and keeping the paint in soft neutrals will help keep your great room from seeming dark and uninviting. You can also supplement with mirrors to help reflect the natural light already coming in, and make the room appear larger than it is.

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