What is the right vanity for my bathroom remodel?

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Perhaps the single biggest question a Sacramento handyman will get asked involves the bathroom vanity during a remodel. This is no real surprise, bathroom vanity units are usually the centerpiece of any smaller bathroom design. Most people are looking for a vanity with decent counter space, a good sink or two, and enough storage to keep things in place. It’s important to choose one that will not only look great, fit into your bathroom, but also, hold everything you need it to. It does not take a plumber to choose a great vanity, but it does take an understanding of budget, style, and your own needs.

If you’re just redoing your own bathroom, you can go with whatever you want, in terms of preferences. However, if this is a vanity that will be used in a family home or one you share with other people, you might want to take their needs into account, as well. As you do this, you’re going to find there are many different sizes, styles, colors and materials that are used. A bathroom remodel, Sacramento to Boston, anywhere in the country, can really impact the overall home.

This is one area where having a lot of options is a great thing. This will enable you to find the vanity that’s right for your home. Take your time and really consider every aspect you want to have covered in this because the vanity is one of the more important investments in an overall bathroom remodel. Think first about your needs. If it’s a smaller bathroom, then a one sink combo with a mirror on top and a cabinet on the bottom may be just the thing. If it’s a larger bathroom, dual bowls, a wide mirror and multiple drawers may work best. Wall mounted vanities are another option for the smaller spaces and if you have a really small bathroom, you might opt for the corner vanity. Though these usually do not have mirrors, they take up much less space.

Choosing design and color come next. Bear in mind that the vanity is usually the focal point in a bathroom, so you’ll want it to have some visual appeal. If you find that you tend to paint, repaint and redecorate a lot, you can actually save yourself a lot of money by opting for a more neutral color. If you plan to keep the bathroom design for a long time, you can get a bit more specialized.

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